Tony Wardle

Tony WardleBiography

Tony is a journalist and writer and was a TV producer before becoming the associate director of animal campaign group Viva! and the health charity Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation – both of which he helped found. He edits their magazines, Viva!Life and Veggiehealth.

Through his TV production company, Vanson Wardle Productions, he conceived, researched, wrote and co-produced programmes for most of the main broadcast channels, winning a Royal Television Society award and an RTS nomination. The landmark Channel 4 documentary, The Battle for Orgreave, was chosen for screening at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Issue-based videos he has made for charities have won gold and bronze medals at the New York Film & TV Festival, two bronze medals at the Prague Ekofest, the PR Week Public Relations Award, an IVCA Golden Reel Award and an ITVA Award of Excellence.

Book credits include Presumed Guilty (co-authored with Michael Mansfield QC), a critical appraisal of the English criminal justice system; The Silent Ark (co-authored with Juliet Gellatley), an expose of the impact of global meat production (serialised in The Times); and The Battle for Orgreave, which uncovers the truth behind the striking miners ‘riot’ trials in which 15 men faced the prospect of life imprisonment.

He is the only British journalist ever to win an Hibakusha Travel Grant to visit Japan and research the medical, social and psychological after effects of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Tony and JulietAs a freelance feature writer he has written for most consumer magazines and newspapers, was a special reports writer for The Guardian and his last staff job (a long time ago) was features editor of Ideal Home magazine.

He has a daughter Niki and grand children Max and Olivia.  Now married to Juliet Gellatley, founder and director of Viva! and the VVF, he is kept forcibly in touch with reality by his wife and twin sons Jazz and Finn, born in 2002.  So, despite being a grumpy old vegan, he knows what he’s talking about and reckons he has every reason to be grumpy. In fact he’s incandescent at the stupidity of the human race and those who pretend to lead it, particularly their determination to destroy this wonderful world of ours in the name of profit. He will draw no pleasure if he is able to look down (or up or sideways) from wherever he goes and say: “I told you so!”